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Привод передних колес для автомобилей LADAKalina, LADAPriora, ВАЗ 21010 Подробнее>
ЗАО "КАРДАН" модернизировало конструкцию крестовинных карданных валов для а/м "Lada 4x4" и "Chevrolet Niva". Подробнее>
Принципиально новая конструкция промвала для "Шевроле Нива" Подробнее>


CARDAN CJSC is one of the most advanced factories in Russian automotive industry. CARDAN SJSC was founded in 1998. The factory produces the most important part of a automotive transmission known as cardan shaft. CARDAN CJSC cardan shafts are the only ones used in all classic and four-wheel drive vehicles produced by AUTOVAZ JSC. We also produce shafts for many varieties of special purpose vehicles, ranged from Russian premier-minister's car to offroad vehicles. We produce cardan shafts for sport-racing four-wheel drive cars participating in rallies. Special offroads equipped with our cardan shafts have been through the North Pole and Siberian Cold Pole.

Our primary partners are AUTOVAZ JSC, GM-AVTOVAZ CJSC, IZHMASH JSC, VIS CJSC, LuAZ ltd, as well as car assembly plants in Kazakhstan, Ecuador, Egypt and Uruguay.

For distribution of our production on the open market two exclusive partners have been chosen. They are Alev-Lada Ltd. (http://www.alev-lada.ru) and Magna PKF Ltd (http://syzran-kardan.ru/). All production officially coming forward to sub-dealers is supplied by these companies exclusively.

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